Bonfire Night - Deanna Raybourn

Another instalment of this author's "Night" novellas featuring Julia & Brisbane, one of my favourite literary couples.

It's London 1890 & the Brisbane's are at home suffering through extensive renovations & a surplus of bananas (don't ask...). They're surprised by a visit from a lawyer bearing the deed to a country home in Berkshire. One little catch...they must go there immediately. And with only 2 days 'til Hallowe'en, you just know this won't go well.


It's a shortie so I won't spoil more of the plot. Along for the ride are Plum & Portia, Julia's hilarious siblings. New to the scene is baby Jack, Brisbane's half brother. They're not used to having a child in the house but I'm sure they'll get the hang of it once Julia stops misplacing him.

Ms. Raybourn is a master of dry, understated wit & she's in fine form here. From descriptions of the whole gang travelling to the countryside (as usual, whenever this lot hits the road, witnesses can be forgiven for thinking a circus has arrived in town) to the bizarre people & events that are waiting for them, you'll find yourself grinning through it all.


It seems unlikely there will be a full length book & this might be a good thing. Several other series I follow are definitely running on fumes & should be humanely put down. If she could just throw out a novella starring this family of loons every now & then , I'll be happy.