The 45% Hangover [A Logan and Steel novella] (Kindle Single) - Stuart MacBride

This is a novella featuring DI Logan McRae & his boss DCI Roberta Steel from the author's popular series. It takes place over a 12 hour period in Aberdeen, beginning the night of the Scottish Referendum. 

In the prologue, Logan wakes up the morning after to find himself in bed with Steel. Huh? Besides working together, the only thing they have in common is they both prefer women. And what's with the handcuffs? 

It all began so innocently the night before. Logan is working on a missing persons case concerning a man well known as a campaigner for the "No" camp. He's tracking him through grungy streets & bars, hampered by numerous calls from the increasingly drunk Steel. As the results of the vote roll in, Steel (a staunch "Yes" supporter) is not taking it well. 

It's a shortie so I don't want to give too much away. Just know you will encounter barflies, ladies of the evening, a philosophical thug & one very large cat. As usual, Logan can't buy a break & it's another chance to marvel at Steel's gift for offending anyone unfortunate enough to cross her path. If you're a fan, just the conversation in a bar between Logan & his colleagues Stoney & Guthrie makes it worth the price. 

It's full of gritty descriptions of Aberdeen's less genteel neighbourhoods where personal hygiene is not a priority for most residents. Add a smattering of violence, sharp & hilarious dialogue and you have an entertaining story to tide us over 'til book #9 arrives next year (excerpt provided at the end).