A shot of my beloved running trails which, according to the weather people, will be frosted in white next Tuesday...sigh. The silver lining to more time spent inside is (hopefully) a full scale assault on my TBR pile & catching up on reviews.

So I've been perusing book sites lately, looking to load up my kindle. And I need someone to explain to me how prices are set for ebooks & by whom.

A few examples:


A short story (43 pages) by an unknown (to me) author: $5.99

New release on kindle by a well know author: $ 18.99


I don't get it. I have Samantha Wilcoxson's new book on my pile. It was $6.49 CAD & is 441 pages. To me, this is completely reasonable, maybe even a steal for a new book.

But how are these others justified? 

I admit I expect to pay less for an ebook than a hard cover edition. So I was wondering how others feel about pricing. Do you have a limit you won't go over or does it depend on the author & how badly you want their new book?


While I'm grumbling about this, I guess I'll start digging out mitts & scarves.