The Goldfish Heist And Other Stories - Jay Stringer

This is a collection of a dozen or so short stories that run the gamut from stoners & petty criminals to cops & lawyers. They're kind of like little vignettes from the characters' day. Some are experimental such as one that deals with the end of the world & others feel as if you've walked in on a conversation that's already in full swing.

Two of them feature characters that go on to appear in a trilogy of full length novels, beginning with "Old Gold".

I won't describe them all as everyone will have their own favourites. My pick is the title story about a pair of inept criminals attempting to replace a mobster's favourite (and very dead) koi.

It's an interesting collection of drama, humour & just plain weirdness that showcases the author's ability to capture a character & deliver a story in a remarkably short amount of space.