I haven't been very active on here for the last few weeks as I was lucky enough to be part of a medical team deployed to Fort McMurray in the wake of forest fires that devastated the area.

As residents return after being out of their homes for a month, I just wanted to send out a few pics & HUGE thanks to all the people who welcomed us & did everything they could to make us comfortable in very trying conditions.

You never know what you're walking into in these circumstances but every day there was an act of kindness that made me smile. The ladies who provided gourmet meals (only I could gain weight in a disaster zone), the guy who brought coffee to the tents each morning & the RCMP officer who gave me a ride to work when I really needed it......they were all dealing with their own losses but jumped in to help others without a second thought. My faith in human nature is topped up.


The good news is I had plenty of quiet evenings to tackle my TBR pile. The bad news is I have about a gazillion reviews to write. But that's a first world problem I can deal with.


Shout out to my buds in eastern Canada & the UK who kept in touch via email during my "vacation". I looked forward to them every day. Now it's back to normal & just gotta say I have a whole new appreciation for my bed.