The Rage of Plum Blossoms - Christine M. Whitehead

Six years ago, Quinn Jones was a single divorce attorney with a full life. She had her work, good friends & “Tink” the wonder dog. Then she went out for coffee one morning & met the love of her life.

Jordan Chang was a smart, elegant mix of modern businessman & traditional Chinese culture. When he proposed, Quinn didn’t think twice & they set up house in his Manhattan brownstone. Now he’s dead.


Quinn is devastated & nothing makes sense. The cops have ruled it suicide but Quinn can’t believe the man she knew would ever leave her this way. As she starts to dig, it turns out she may not have known Jordan as well as she thought. And it soon becomes clear there are shadowy men who’d prefer she leave the case closed.


Friends & police chalk up her disbelief to that of a grief stricken widow in deep denial. Fine. Through a series of humorous & chance meetings, Quinn soon assembles a team of accomplices willing to help her investigate. Her posse includes retired NYPD cop Bernie McBain, grad student Ryan Byrne & gemologist/slave to fashion Sam Stern.


It’s the start of a wild ride as Quinn & her band of merry men race around Manhattan & Chinatown trying to uncover what Jordan was up to & who’d want him dead. It’s an entertaining mystery full of witty dialogue, engaging characters & a clash of cultures. The twists come at you like a hail storm as the book progresses & the author delivers moments of suspense mixed with humour.


At the heart of all the mayhem is Quinn, a resourceful woman who just wants the truth. She’s the kind of gal pal we’d all love to have, even if it means putting up with her horse Francesca who suffers from mood swings & (unwarranted) high self esteem.


It’s the kind of book that that doesn’t take itself too seriously & fits loosely into several genres…..romantic suspense, humour, chicklit. But whatever box you want to stuff it in, you’ll still end up with a fast paced & entertaining read.