Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson Series) - Darynda Jones


I usually read mystery/crime type books but over the years, I’ve picked up UF books out of curiosity & for a change of pace. Most ended up being a one-shot deal but eventually I found 3 series that I really enjoy. This is one of them. How could I not bond with a smart mouthed woman who lives for good coffee? It’s like looking in the mirror. The difference is, while I may entertain the odd homicidal thought, Charley Davidson actually is the Grim Reaper.


As usual, Charley has a lot on her plate. The PI business has been a little slow lately & she desperately needs to pick up a case. So when Shawn Foster walks through her door, it’s like a gift from the Gods (literally). Like Reyes, he was also adopted by the Fosters & wants to find his real parents. Charley sees an opportunity to gather more incriminating evidence on the couple but Reyes is less than pleased.


It’s just one more thing on her to-do list. Uncle Bob is acting weird & his wife Cookie thinks he’s having an affair. Meanwhile, Cookie’s daughter Amber is obviously upset & hiding something. Charley is still on the outs with Reyes’ brother & he’s sent an army of angelic minions to track her every move. And she still needs to figure out how to trap a particularly nasty God before he finds where her daughter is stashed. Thank heaven for travel mugs or she’d be in serious danger of caffeine withdrawal.


If you’re a fan of this series you know what to expect & this doesn’t disappoint. The pages fly by as you try to keep pace with dangerous critters & general mayhem, all served up with a generous side of humour. In addition to new twists & characters, running story lines are further developed as Charley continues to discover just what she’s capable of. Inevitably there are showdowns as she tries to establish a solid line between good & evil & not everyone will survive.


The true natures of returning characters & their relationships continues to develop & there are a couple of real shockers here. And that ending. Suffice to say it’s rather abrupt (and scary). But it guarantees that we’ll all be impatiently waiting for book #12.


For the uninitiated, I highly recommend reading this series in order as back story is massive & complex. If you’ve made it this far, you’re well & truly invested in these characters & know that when it comes to spending your reading $$$, you can’t beat smart & funny. Just remember....


“Life isn’t a fairy tale. If you lose a shoe at midnight, you’re drunk.”