The Fire Pit - Chris Ould

Another gem that's been hiding in my TBR pile for yonks. A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit the Faroe Islands. They are unbelievably beautiful & a hiker's paradise. While there I picked up the first book in this trilogy set in the Faroes & started following the story of 2 police men, Hjalti & Jan.


This is a great end to the trilogy. The plot is intricate with several story lines that Ould skillfully pulls together for an exciting finish. Some of the regular characters have changes in store & their futures are left up in the air but we (and Jan) finally get answers concerning the death of his mother 40 years ago. 


Ould has been quoted as saying it was best to leave the series at 3 books. Probably a place with such a small population, killing off more people would mean running the risk of it becoming a Faroese version of Cabot Cove. A really satisfying read.


The assault on my TBR pile continues.....