The Guilty Dead - P.J. Tracy

Book #9 in this series opens with a deadly prologue you just know is going to come back to haunt you. Fast forward 1 year & a wealthy local philanthropist dies in questionable circumstances. When Minneapolis cops Leo Magozzi & Gino Rolseth get involved, the past returns as they proceed to dig into the life of Gregory Norwood, his family & close friends.


Over at Monkeewrench HQ Harley is contacted by Dahl, a frustrated FBI agent. He’s heard mutterings of a possible terrorist attack & wants the crew to use their considerable tech skills to help narrow the search.


Their are several threads running in tandem, not the least of which is the impending birth of Leo & Grace’s baby. We spend a lot of time with them as they prepare….Grace calm, Leo on pins & needles.


The investigative side of the story is intricate & full of interesting characters. The villain is no surprise but the “why” will keep you guessing as the pace picks up for an action packed conclusion.


I’ve read all the books in this series & this is a solid entry. Leo & Gino’s case takes up the bulk of the story while the Monkeewrench crew take a back seat. I missed their presence here & the suspense that inevitably develops from their high tech antics. It’s a much more character driven book with less intrigue than previous outings. It’s purely a matter of taste & fans of the Leo/Grace story line will find much to enjoy here.