An Accidental Death - Peter Grainger

So once again I'm asking have I missed this series?! Instead of being fashionably late to the party, apparently I've shown up after everyone ate, drank, danced, got arrested & made bail. 

This is a wonderful read, a straight up procedural full of well developed characters that grow on you with each passing page. The MC is D.C. Smith, a seasoned detective in Kings Lake, Norfolk. He's a widower who can't imagine not being on the job despite some not so subtle hints to retire. After a recent department scandal, he's handed low level signing off on the accidental drowning of a local teen. 

I won't get into the investigation. Obviously there's more there than meets the eye or we wouldn't have a story. 'Nuff to say it's well plotted with some interesting historical ties. What makes this so readable is the cast. Smith is an engaging character. He's deceptively low key, a smart mild mannered guy who misses nothing. Instead of the usual personal demons ubiquitous in the genre, his only baggage is a quiet grief following the recent loss of his beloved wife. But it's his dry sense of humour that elevates the story & makes dialogue sparkle. Other characters of note include Smith's superior officer DCI Reeve & DC Waters, a shiny new recruit with much to learn. 

This is a good example of all you need for a compelling read. No flash, no OTT drama....just well developed characters & great story telling. There's already a squillion reviews for this little gem on Goodreads so I'll end by saying if you're a fan of police procedurals, don't be a Sandy-come-lately. Read it.