All the Devils - Barry Eisler

When a new book in this series pops up, there are a couple of things you can safely assume. First, Eisler will deliver a wild ride full of action, suspense & characters you’ll love to hate. Second, Livia Lone is still a kickass. She survived being trafficked as a young girl but her sister didn’t. Now a detective with the Seattle PD Sex Crimes unit, she’s on a mission to make predators pay. Dearly.


B. D. Little is an investigator with Homeland Security & knows the pain that comes with a missing child. Ten years ago his daughter disappeared. Using his formidable resources, he searched endlessly but all he found were similar cases. Then they stopped. Now a young girl has disappeared under familiar circumstances. It may be B.D.’s last chance to find the perpetrator & get answers. And he knows who to call for help……an old acquaintance who is just as obsessive about getting justice for these kids.


Livia is still dealing with the fallout from her last little adventure (The Killer Collective) & trying to keep her head down at work. But B.D.’s story strikes a chord & Livia would love nothing more than to catch those responsible. She sees a couple of immediate problems. For some reason B.D.’s boss is blocking the investigation & he’s sure he’s being watched. And while she understands the need for answers, Livia is worried B.D. is too emotionally involved. Desperate men make mistakes & she really can’t afford to attract any more attention.


Right from the start there’s an interesting dynamic as the 2 MC’s have history. They’ve worked together before although it’s always been an uneasy alliance at best. B.D. has helped Livia in the past but he’a also manipulated her for his own gain. With so much at stake, she has to wonder if he’s willing to throw her to the wolves to find his daughter.


In alternate chapters, we meet those wolves & and when it comes to creep factor, they’re off the charts. Not only do we hear their horrifying plans but also realize just what Livia & B.D. are up against.


Holy Cats, find a comfie reading spot because you won’t be moving for a few hours. It’s a fast paced thriller with plenty of action & forks in the road. The MC’s provide the heart & soul that will have you cheering them on while you hiss at at a slew of bad guys (pro tip: if your nickname is “Snake” you’re probably not known for your cuddly side. Just sayin’). The author does a a great job of providing enough info to make us cringe without resorting to graphic details. And if you think all the cool tech toys are science fiction, peruse the notes & links provided at the end. Downright scary.


Livia is a complex & charismatic woman. Intelligent & highly skilled, she continues to battle the emotional scars from her past. Her character has been slowly evolving over the course of the series  & she’s taking baby steps toward normal relationships. Enough background is given for this to be read as a stand-alone but as with all series, you’ll get more from it if you’ve read previous books. Kudos to those responsible for the cover art. I think even Snake would agree it’s gorgeous.