Broken (Nevada James #1) (Nevada James Mysteries) - Matthew Storm

Do you ever wonder why you picked up a particular book? I've been working my way through some old downloads & after a couple of disappointments, I can only assume I got sucked in by the promotional blurbs. So it was a relief to begin the next random selection & immediately be intrigued by the MC.


Nevada James used to be a respected homicide detective. Then she met her match, so to speak. There's a whole back story there I won't get into. Two years after her last case, she's unemployed & scraping the bottom of the barrel. Or perhaps I should say the bottle. Nevada is a devoted alcoholic who has cut all ties & would like nothing better than to go to sleep & never wake up.


Then she gets a rather bizarre job offer. A wealthy mobster wants her to find his missing wife & daughter. For obvious reasons he can't go to the usual authorities & he's got a suitcase full of money, if she's interested. The old Nevada would have told him exactly where to put his cash but let's face it. In her current state, it's not like she has a lot of choice & at least she could get the bill collectors off her back.


What follows is a gritty story with an unvarnished take on the life of a barely functional alcoholic. The investigative aspect is fast paced with a couple of nice twists. But it's the train wreck that is Nevada that holds your attention. The author pulls no punches. Descriptions of her lifestyle & the effects of her disease are unflinching & authentic. She's a mess. This could easily have been a dark & depressing read. But Nevada has just enough snark left to give you hope. She's smart, fearless & completely honest with herself & I liked her.


Not an easy read in places but one that kept me turning the pages.