Shattered Bonds - Faith Hunter

I used to read a lot of urban fantasy but sort of drifted away for some reason. This is one series I continue to read because of the great characters who stalk, stake & chomp their way through a New Orleans full of vamps, grindylows & skinwalkers. And if the human residents seem a tad nervous….well, perhaps that’s down to being viewed as potential snack food.


At the heart of it all is Jane Yellowrock, a shape shifting skinwalker who made her name as a vamp killer. She’s usually a force to be reckoned with but after events in the last book, Jane is now a shadow of her former kickass self. A hard won battle & weird magic left her fatally ill. To buy herself time, Jane packed up her crew & moved to a large estate in the Appalachian Mountains. Unfortunately it might not be far enough as there are those who’ld prefer she died sooner rather than later.


You know what it’s like when you’re sick…you just wish people would leave you alone. Whereas we might deal with demanding kids or an impatient boss, Jane is being pestered by an ancient vamp affectionately known as the Son of Darkness (SOD).


When the former Master of the City died, Jane inherited control of New Orleans & all who live there. She sent in a polite “Thanks, but no thanks” but it seems SOD didn’t get the memo. Now he’s on his way with a horde of undead to seize power & chow down on anyone who gets in his way.


This can only be described as epic. The battle scenes & political machinations will have fans nervously chewing their nails to the quick. The story is given depth by the inclusion of European history, First Nations folklore & ancient religions. It goes without saying not everyone will survive & frequent injections of humour give you a moment to catch your breath. It’s a world that jumps off the page in full colour & the author provides some answers to long running subplots. Characters are diverse & fully developed whether they be furry, fanged or human. 


It’s an entertaining spin on the classic tale of good vs. evil that’s hard to put down. Just a heads up: if you haven’t read this series before, don’t begin here. This is book #13 & there is a complex story arc jam packed with story lines that lead to events in this instalment. Whatever Jane faces next, we know it won’t be boring. Here’s hoping she gets a well earned nap first.