The Inner Darkness - Jorn Lier Horst

When you read the synopsis for this book, you get a pretty good idea of how it all kicks off. Convicted killer Tom Kerr escapes custody & does so in spectacular fashion. Poor Chief Inspector William Wisting…instead of wrapping up an old case, he’s organizing a massive manhunt.


I was initially a bit worried as I thought the blurb sort of gave the game away. Even as you’re reading about events leading up to Kerr’s escape, you already know what happens. Boy, was I wrong. Several elements combine to make this a story that pulls you in & keeps you squirming in your seat.


First, there’s Kerr’s character. Congratulations are due as I formally nominate him for my annual COTY Award (Creep of the Year). Seriously, this guy made my skin crawl from the get-go. Sociopathic   & intelligent…’s a deadly combination.


Then there’s the author ability to tell a story. As with all these books, the plot is layered & smart. It ticks along at a good pace with several scenes that will test your fight-or-flight response. But it’s Wisting who makes it such a pleasure to tag along. No flash or OTT drama here. Just a quiet, decent man who also happens to be a good cop.


Among the returning characters is Wisting’s daughter Line. As usual, she’s a bit too smart for her own good & watching her story line develop caused at least one of the knots in my stomach. Also back is the shifty Adrian Stiller. He may be handy in a crisis but I wouldn’t trust him with lunch money.


Kerr’s impressive bid for freedom marks the onset of a low lying tension that slowly builds as the story progresses. We know what Kerr is capable of & the thought he may be back in business is chilling. But the real question is who’s helping him? Chapters alternate between Wisting & Line & their very different POV’s compliment each other as the story unfolds.


This is a straight up police procedural with several twists that may make you second guess how it all pans out. And if you arrive at the final few chapters just before bedtime, good luck getting to sleep anytime soon. Your reading tool kit for this book should include: a bowl of snacks, night vision glasses, water wings, & Tums.