Wind-Up Hearts - Stan Swanson

This little novella made me think of all the books I've read where authors have gone to great lengths using elaborate set-ups, OTT situations & endless descriptions of body parts trying to convince the reader their characters are experiencing a once in a lifetime kind of love. 

In 60 pages, this author has delivered an elegant, beautiful & moving love story that is the real deal. No torrid sex, no graphic language, no games. Just a simple premise.

We first meet Henry Thackery & Emily Harding in present day as he joins her for their weekly date in the park. Both are well over 100 years old, courtesy of the mechanical hearts they received in 1875. Every meeting is the same. They talk, have lunch & wind each other's heart.

Interspersed are flashbacks to previous meetings from their first, then every 25 years or so as their lives change & the relationship deepens. We watch as they fall in love, learn each other's secrets & comment on the progress around them.

Henry goes from a driven businessman in his 20's to a grey haired man with a cane whose memory is starting to fail. But he still remembers the beautiful young widow who caught his eye even though she's now a great grandmother.

At first, you're intrigued by the story behind their wind up hearts. Then you just enjoy their time together. The dialogue is funny & touching as it can only be between two people who share a thousand memories. And the ending....well, no spoilers here.

Do yourself a favour & give this a try. If you don't have a lump in our throat when you're finished, perhaps your own heart needs a little work.