The Long Way Home - Louise Penny

This is both an easy & difficult review to write.


Easy because I'm not going to talk about the story. If you've read this series, you know what to expect. If you haven't, you won't be starting here as this is book #10.


Difficult because I'm running out of adjectives that adequately describe Ms. Penny's work. It's rare to come across an author who is consistently so good. Honest to God, there's not a weak one in the bunch. Book after book, she pulls you further in until you care deeply for these characters & can easily picture them in your head. They are living, breathing people you bump into once a year, catch up on the news & then promise to meet again, same place, in 12 months time.


So. Here's the deal. If you're a fan, call in sick, give away your children, turn off the phone, lock the door & enjoy

If you are uninitiated, for the love of Mike, stop reading this immediately & get your hands on a copy of "Still Life" **.


And I think I finally thought of a word I haven't used yet.



** (You're welcome.)